I have been a member of since 2009 and have been a chairman of SoL Sweden as well as a representative on the GASC board twice. My employment is with Folksam, Sweden’s largest insurance company as a Business Strategy and Innovation Lead. I have a background as a management consultant for companies such as Cap Gemini, Ericsson Business Consulting and Greenwich consulting group now EY. I’ve also worked in three start ups in Telecom and was a program manager at 3 when we launched in Sweden. I have a Master in Nuclear Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and have studied leadership as well as conflict management.

My passion is self-evolving organizations that enable people to reach their full potential and contribute for a better world for all beings. I’m writing a book on how to transform a large traditional organization to a self-evolving living organization. This passion has been cultivated through my many years as part of SoL. I’m very grateful for being part of the SoL family and all the wonderful people in it. I believe in the work we do, and SoL is a vital part of my life.

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