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A new way to offer knowledge and experience on Five Disciplines and Systems Thinking, by a cooperation between SoL Netherland and others. 


Memories of some of those we came from

Our SoL philosophy and process is notably linked to three ways of thinking, Arie de Geus, Peter Senge and Alain de Vulpian. With a common basis, the Living, the Living organizations. (cf. Varela and Maturana). The five disciplines are based on personal and collective human development, (Human Being at the center) , every of our inspirators focusing on specific aspects : for Arie, the Living Company, for Peter, the Systemic vision, for Alain, socioperception enlightening Humanist metamorphosis.
Remembering Arie de Geus

Little time later... Arie de Geus was one of the three founders of SoL, the Society for Organizational Learning. He began his career with Royal Dutch Shell in 1951, providing his expertise, knowledge, and leadership (until his retirement in 1989). The last 8 years, he was the head of Shell group planning, in charge of the Scenario planning methodology. Exploring how the decision-taking process in the organization could be improved. At that time he also met with Peter Senge. And the rest is history..... In 1997 Arie published his book “The Living Company” that presented his highly respected study of long-lived companies. At that time, Arie and Peter together with Swedish Göran Carstedt founded SoL, a space to learn together.
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Join us in remembering one of our founders.
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