Global Association of SoL Communities (GASC), former founding chair and Inspiration Council member

Heidi joined Founding SoL as a consultant member in 2002, served on several SoL Councils through 2011 and was voted GASC founding chair in 2012. She stays actively involved in organizational and community learning at a global level as an Inspiration Council member. 

Founding Partner, Fourth Quadrant Partners   www.4QPartners.com

Heidi has over three decades of experience in bringing learning-based performance and strategic leadership to a wide variety of private, public and governmental organizations in the US and around the world.  Since founding 4QP, she has focused on facilitating and researching community-based social transformation. She has worked with Indian River County, Florida, since 2010, for example, to deliver the Moonshot Moment, a multi-year all-community breakthrough initiative to achieve 90% literacy in Grade 3 by 2018.  Heidi now specializes in establishing transformational learning practices for collaborative teams who are aiming for large-scale change around intransigent social issues in their communities.

 With 4QP she has conducted research on A Whole Greater than its Parts: Exploring the Role of Emergence in Complex Social Change and has co-written two articles for the Foundation Review, Emergent Learning: A Framework for Whole-System Strategy, Learning and Adaptation (2016) and Designing for Emergence: The McCune Charitable Foundation Grows Agency Across New Mexico (2019).

Heidi lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her film maker husband.

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