Homo Sapiens, Collapse OR Fulfillment

Here below are some excerpts of Peter Senge preface to Alain de Vulpian and Irene Dupoux-Couturier recent book:

People are beginning to become aware that our inmense scientific and technical progress, the fruit of human rationality pushed to extreme, could give rise to ecological and geopolitical catastrophes threatening the very survival of the human species.

All around the world new educational models are emerging that shift the dominant industrial age paradigm of linear schooling to incluse social emotional learning, collaborative learning, project-based learning, systems thinking and design thinking…

Regarding leadership, the consequences of the gradual rise of the feminine to counterbalance the hyper-masculinity of our present leadership models, like so many facets of deep change, can be confusing. Ironically, the first generations of women in leadership positions are often more masculine than the men they succeed because they are forced to prove themselves in terms of masculine models…

Focusing on relationships, building networks, and creating space for change to develop rather than “driving change”. These are the new skills for leading systemic change and they are classic feminic ways of leading.

On July 1st, Global SoL organises a dialogue session with Irene (see events)

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