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Conference drivers The conference is organised around eight drivers grouped into three clusters: Citizenship and cities Smart citizenship: enabling change in each citizen. The aware citizen: shifting our relationship from ego to eco. Happy healthy cities: core competences and supporting players. Smart cities: for residents and/or users? Education, business, social, government and community Developing organizational behaviour towards social progress. Enabling people and organizations for change: Providing instruments and tools for a successful set of processes. Entrepreneurs, women, youths, senior, etc. From ideas to projects, from projects to businesses. Economy and success, leaving no-one behind.
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The SoL communities and GASC invite you to this year's European SoL Conference that will take place in Portugal. Registration is free though compulsory, as we allow only a maximum of 100 participants.

Please find more information in this invitation : The steps we will undertake during these unique 3 days.

SoL facilitators from 9 countries will help make this conference a special experience.

Link >>  2017 GASC European Conference

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The empowered society : Transforming cities, citizens and organisations for resilience and prosperity.




People attending to day 1, 2 and 3 may vary. Ideally, we need to ensure there is a core group who joins from day 1 to day 3.



Developing effective collaboration, activating people, connecting people, inspiring changemakers, women gaining equity, collaborative innovation, collaboration instruments/methodologies, collaborative citizens, emotional intelligence, context for a collaboration to emerge, sense of pride, leaving no one behind, leaving a legacy, touch the soul, inspiring collaboration by examples, dreams and visions.


Conference questions

What conversations shall we have in Portugal to move beyond "desenrascar"? What would it take for Portugal to lead the way in Europe? What would it take to improve business collaboration? What would it take for Portugal to lead the way again in the world? What would it look like if Portugal were to become a world leader in collaboration? What would it look like for womens to launch their own business? What would it look like Portugal XXI century sailors and for what "descobrimentos"? What would it look like for people in Portugal to adopt a positive mindset about risk and entrepreneurship? What would it look like for Portugal to be a place where bright young people can make their way in the world and feel both challenged and fulfilled while improving the employment situation? What this country strategic direction should look like for collaboration to become a competitive trend? What would it take to raise women's self-esteem and changing social expectations?


What has not been seen so far in the system? What has been excluded? Is the giving and taking in balance? Is there a natural order in the system? What are the key trends shaping Portugal today? Where will those trends be in ten years?


How can we retain more of our collective brain power? How does it feel not to have the ones who left? How to get good things created and get them in a broader system? How do we help people to realize that if they do not collaborate they will have a problem? How can we step beyond our own perceptions? What shall we do for people to adopt a positive mindset about change? What shall we do in order to replicate global dynamism at local level?


Conference drivers

  • Smart citizenship: enabling change in each citizen.

  • Developing organizational behaviour towards social progress.

  • Happy cities: core competences and vectors.

  • Smart cities: for residents and/or users?

  • Enabling people and organizations for change: Providing instruments and tools for a successful set of processes.

  • From ideas to projects, from projects to businesses.

  • Economy and success leaving no-one behind.

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The 2017 Global Association of SOL Communities (GASC) European Conference will take place in the triangle Porto-Braga-Guimaraës, on May 25, 26 and 27.


To what local and regional challenges shall we commit in nowadays? How could we collaborate together to support emergent people in this region (professors, students, young, unemployed or underemployed, NGOs, citizens, politicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc.)? Is mutual trust an specific issue in this area? Who shall be invited to workshops if we want to generate a significant difference in 8 to 10 years time in this region? What conditions shall we create in order to improve this ecosystem learning?

GASC vision is "we love to collaborate to improve individual hope and awareness, team dialog and cohesion, large system learning and sustainable development, and social inclusion".

We are not co-organizing this three sites conference to "talk about local cultural problems", we are not bringing "keynote speakers", nor expecting "you to be passive". We love collaborate with you to build a shared vision and for this we expect positive and enthusiasts contributors. Maybe you are one of them?


For further info please visit Facebook : GASC2017

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SoL Colombia Update

Dear Communities,

In SoL Colombia we had yesterday a successful learning circle about "Social Presencing Theater", a social technology that was discussed in the U-Lab. We were surprised how much interest it generated, and thus wanted to share this with you, in case you have someone in your community that can facilitate an experience along those lines. We can start sharing what works in our communities and what topics are hot, in this manner, to strengthen our presence worldwide.

You can view our activities here: and


Anamaria Aristizabal, SoL Colombia

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System Thinking Playbook in Hungarian

Dear All, 

Finally we have managed to come out with the book in Hungarian  and had dennis Meadows and Linda B.Sweeney online for our book launch, there was a core group of like minded people dedicated to STH  and who want to follow up with the book as a core material to use for Sth Roadshow in the country as well as in our respective work, at diverse university settings and applied in the Integrity management training for Public Servants..

Scenario of the day event Book%20Launch%20DESIGN-RGJ2015Sept.pdf


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SoL Colombia Update

SoL Colombia had a very successful Learning Circle in September about Sociocracy, a framework for governance and project management for communities. We are continuing our conversation about what is a Teal Organization from the book Reinventing Organizations, and Sociocracy is a helpful tool.

Our next event will be a Learning Circle in October about the Agile Framework.

You can see our activities here on our Facebook Page:

Here is a photo of our last Learning Circle at the Impact Hub Bogota:

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ConferSense is inviting individual, team and group participants in a broad spectrum of dynamic learning activities in various regions in China culminating in a 2 day plenary session in Beijing. Participation by English-Chinese speakers is highly sought after as those who are bi-lingual will have a vital role to play. Please see the attached invitation and respond accordingly.
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environmentalism-supremacy of the "noble race"-21st century 

a really exciting article on many conrevertial issues that are impacting our reality nowdays...The New Yorker..

It so much underlies my experience from the early 90s in a Canadian reservation, later in Maori land, and thus all reminded with of Eastern Europe as well…. Painful, and hard not to see links due to major misunderstanding about the role of any white person, esp. the Germanic – ‘ Indo European” kind…
So much to do …so much to ponder on and so much to heal…

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