The Global Association of SoL Communities

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This video has been created by members of the GASC  to promote the work we all do. Enjoy 

Our history

Who we are

Global Association of Sol Communities (GASC)

A non-profit, global membership society, composed only of SoL community members dedicated to stewarding to the SoL principles and the SoL brand.

PURPOSE AND VISION of the Global Association of SoL Communities (GASC)

Vision of GASC

– To provide and support a global learning community dedicated to fostering knowledge generation and diffusion for fundamental institutional change.

This GASC Vision has evolved into providing a container to share and support a multiplicity of SoL Community visions (rather than ONE vision that we must all prescribe to) through our mutually-agreed-upon and mutually-committed-to SoL Purpose and Guiding Principles. This container provides the boundaries within which multiple SoL Visions may emerge and evolve through the diversity we already represent as organizations, individuals and communities.

Purpose of GASC

in complete alignment with the purpose of SoL, is to act as a container and umbrella organization for SoL communities, providing services, learning, and opportunities to convene and co-create in service of a larger movement that aims to understand and work to develop systems, organizations, and individuals.

Interview with Peter S in Paris Nov 15

Peter Senge visited Paris in the beginning of November 2015 to participate in the launching of a translated version of his seminal book the fifth discipline into French. While there we took the opportunity to ask him three questions regarding the future of Global SoL. Enjoy

2017 GASC European Conference

2017 GASC European Conference in Portugal-25/26/27 May

The 2017 Global Association of SOL Communities (GASC) European Conference will take place in the triangle Porto-Braga-Guimaraës, on May 25, 26 and 27.


To what local and regional challenges shall we commit in nowadays? How could we collaborate together to support emergent people in this region (professors, students, young, unemployed or underemployed, NGOs, citizens, politicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc.)? Is mutual trust an specific issue in this area? Who shall be invited to workshops if we want to generate a significant difference in 8 to 10 years time in this region? What conditions shall we create in order to improve this ecosystem learning?

GASC vision is "we love to collaborate to improve individual hope and awareness, team dialog and cohesion, large system learning and sustainable development, and social inclusion".

We are not co-organizing this three sites conference to "talk about local cultural problems", we are not bringing "keynote speakers", nor expecting "you to be passive". We love collaborate with you to build a shared vision and for this we expect positive and enthusiasts contributors. Maybe you are one of them?


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