The empowered society : Transforming cities, citizens and organisations for resilience and prosperity.




People attending to day 1, 2 and 3 may vary. Ideally, we need to ensure there is a core group who joins from day 1 to day 3.



Developing effective collaboration, activating people, connecting people, inspiring changemakers, women gaining equity, collaborative innovation, collaboration instruments/methodologies, collaborative citizens, emotional intelligence, context for a collaboration to emerge, sense of pride, leaving no one behind, leaving a legacy, touch the soul, inspiring collaboration by examples, dreams and visions.


Conference questions

What conversations shall we have in Portugal to move beyond "desenrascar"? What would it take for Portugal to lead the way in Europe? What would it take to improve business collaboration? What would it take for Portugal to lead the way again in the world? What would it look like if Portugal were to become a world leader in collaboration? What would it look like for womens to launch their own business? What would it look like Portugal XXI century sailors and for what "descobrimentos"? What would it look like for people in Portugal to adopt a positive mindset about risk and entrepreneurship? What would it look like for Portugal to be a place where bright young people can make their way in the world and feel both challenged and fulfilled while improving the employment situation? What this country strategic direction should look like for collaboration to become a competitive trend? What would it take to raise women's self-esteem and changing social expectations?


What has not been seen so far in the system? What has been excluded? Is the giving and taking in balance? Is there a natural order in the system? What are the key trends shaping Portugal today? Where will those trends be in ten years?


How can we retain more of our collective brain power? How does it feel not to have the ones who left? How to get good things created and get them in a broader system? How do we help people to realize that if they do not collaborate they will have a problem? How can we step beyond our own perceptions? What shall we do for people to adopt a positive mindset about change? What shall we do in order to replicate global dynamism at local level?


Conference drivers

  • Smart citizenship: enabling change in each citizen.

  • Developing organizational behaviour towards social progress.

  • Happy cities: core competences and vectors.

  • Smart cities: for residents and/or users?

  • Enabling people and organizations for change: Providing instruments and tools for a successful set of processes.

  • From ideas to projects, from projects to businesses.

  • Economy and success leaving no-one behind.

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